Extra Strong Adhesive Pads (8 in a pack)

Extra Strong Adhesive Pads (8 in a pack)

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Extra Strong Adhesive Pads

Extra strong, these pads will make sure your plates stay on no matter what. Just make sure the surface is clean and dry! We usually clean the surface with wipes and dry it with a microfibre cloth

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1 review for Extra Strong Adhesive Pads (8 in a pack)

Valentino Rodriquez

I ordered these pads for my plates after the old plates fell off, these really are the bees knees. Easy to put on and very very strong

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Enhance Plate Security with Extra Strong Adhesive Pads

Reliable Plate Attachment with Extra Strong Adhesive Pads

Are you tired of worrying about your number plates coming loose or falling off your vehicle? Look no further! At PlateBoss.co.uk, we offer you a reliable solution to ensure your number plates stay securely in place. Our Extra Strong Adhesive Pads are specially designed for number plate attachment and are just as secure as conventional screws.

Why Choose Extra Strong Adhesive Pads?

These adhesive pads are the ideal choice for anyone seeking a hassle-free and effective way to attach number plates. Here’s why they are the preferred option:

Exceptional Strength and Durability

These adhesive pads are engineered to provide exceptional strength and durability. They can withstand various weather conditions, ensuring your number plates remain securely attached in all circumstances.

Easy Application

Using our adhesive pads is a breeze. Simply ensure that the surface is clean and dry before applying the pads. We recommend cleaning the surface with our specialized wipes and then drying it with a microfibre cloth. This ensures a perfect bond between the adhesive pads and your number plates.

Clean and Convenient

No need for messy tools, drilling, or screws. Our adhesive pads offer a clean and convenient alternative to traditional methods of plate attachment. You’ll save time and effort while achieving the same level of security.

Perfect for London Drivers

London drivers can now enhance their number plate security with these adhesive pads. Whether you’re navigating the bustling streets of the capital or cruising along the motorways, you can trust our adhesive pads to keep your plates in place.


Order Number Plate Accessories Online

Don’t compromise on the security of your number plates. Visit www.plateboss.co.uk today to explore our range of premium number plate accessories, including Extra Strong Adhesive Pads. We offer a convenient online shopping experience, ensuring you get the best products delivered straight to your doorstep in London and beyond.


All in all, our Extra Strong Adhesive Pads provide a secure, clean, and hassle-free way to attach your number plates. Say goodbye to worries about loose plates and enjoy peace of mind on the road. Order your adhesive pads from Plate Boss today!

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