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What to do when your number plates have been stolen

number plate theft

Have your number plates been stolen?
If so here is what you need to do

If your number plates have been stolen, you are not alone. A leading recovery company estimates that almost 30,000 number plate thefts are reported every single year.

At first you might be wondering why would someone want to steal number plates. Number plates are in most part very inexpensive and have no resell value. However after looking beyond the surface much more sinister reasons begin to unfold. More often than not the intention of the criminal is to use your plates for illegal activity. This could be to hide the identity of their vehicle. By using number plates from another vehicle they think they can get away with their crime. In other reported incidents stolen number plates have been used to hide vehicle identities.

Here is a list of just some of the crimes that might lead to number plate theft in the UK;

To clone a vehicle or change the identity of a stolen vehicle. Their intention is to sell the car if it is stolen or to even export the car to another country.

Avoiding speeding fines, red light camera fines and bus lane fines

Petrol or diesel theft from petrol stations where they drive off without paying

Other crimes like armed robberies, ram raids of business premises or burglaries

Even though number plate theft may seem minor or insignificant. The ramifications of this crime could lead to police or even bailiffs knocking on your door instead of the door of the real criminals!

What you should do if your number plates have been stolen;

The very first thing you should do should your number plate be stolen is to contact the authorities. We highly recommend you report the theft to the police AND to the DVLA. It is also highly advisable that you contact your insurance company too. By reporting the theft to these 3 entities you are making them aware of the theft and the fact that your plates can potentially be used in criminal activities in the future.

Furthermore reporting to them may also avoid you having to go through the pain staking task to avoid any fines or penalties. Often these may arise from illegal activity from the use of your number plates for a criminal purpose. If you do receive any fines or calls from the police, this will give you evidence that you yourself have been the victim of crime.

If your number plates have been stolen, you can use the links below to easily report your number plates stolen to the relevant authorities;

To report number plate theft crime to the police click here.

To report the theft of your number plates to the DVLA click here.

if your number plates have been stolen you should report it to the police immediately

report number plate theft to the DVLA

Can I drive my car if my number plates have been stolen?

NO! Under no circumstances can you legally drive your car on UK roads without front and rear number plates on your car.
Even after reporting the theft of your number plates to the police and DVLA you still cannot drive your car until you have replaced your number plates. Not following this rule could leave you with a £1000 fine!

Ensure that after reporting your stolen number plates to the police and DVLA you go to our website and place an order for new replacement number plates.

Follow these simple steps on how to buy replacement number plates online

As stated above, once you have reported your number plates as stole, you need to replace your stolen number plates. After reporting the crime to the authorities, this is now up to you to buy replacement number plates. We at can manufacture your replacement number plates on the very same day ready for collection and delivery. All our number plates strictly adhere to uk and DVLA requirements. They also display the BSAU 145e mark and dealer name and post code at the bottom of each number plate.

As a DVLA registered number plate supplier, and any number plate supplier operating legally must do, we are required to see your proof of identification along with your entitlement of the registration. Typically our customers present to us their Driving licence along with either their v5 (logbook) or V750 (certificate of entitlement). These rules have been set by the police and DVLA to make sure we are supplying number plates legally. Those suppliers that do not follow this step are breaking the law and more importantly opening avenues for criminals to obtain number plates fraudulently.

For a full list of acceptable documents, head over to our valid documents page.

If you have any questions about buying replacement number plates or the process involved, feel free to take a look at our FAQs page.

Top tips on how to avoid number plate theft

Although there is no sure fire way to avoid theft of your number plates, there are some key steps you can take to try to avoid such scenarios.

Use anti theft number plate screws

Use our high strength adhesive pads

Ensure your vehicle is parked in a a safe and secure location. Where possible try to park on your drive way or garage

Park your vehicle in well lit and busy areas ideally those covered by CCTV

Park insight of others, try to park near bus stops, building entrances or anywhere there is a high number of passing motorists and pedestrians

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